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Chapter 1 Make her spit the notice out

The sky was gloomy and the wind was strong, but the light in the room was very dim.

Grandma Chen who was sitting on the edge of the kang looked at Wang Aijuan who was sitting across from her with complicated eyes.

“Aijuan, you have a job, a husband and children, isn’t your life quite good? Ruan Ruan is alone now, and it’s hard to get into university, you are asking her give up her place to you again, what should she do in the future? The job that you have now, it was I who begged someone to find the job for her in the beginning, but you said you wanted it and she gave it to you without saying a word. At that time, I thought she was still young so I didn’t say anything, how come you want to steal from her now–“

“Then I’ll just give her the job! I’m going to university!”

Wang Aijuan’s tone was full of eagerness. If she could, she would take the notice to report right now.

Going to university!

This was something she didn’t even dare to think about before, but now that the opportunity was right in front of her, how could she not seize it?

Seeing that Wang Aijuan was being so unreasonable, the face of the always kind Grandma Chen sank, “No! It was Ruan Ruan who passed the exam through her own effort, no one should even think of trying to take it away from her! You can’t think of taking it away from her just because you didn’t pass the exam yourself!”

“Why not? I’m her biological sister. If I tell her to give it to me, she’s going to give it to me! You damn old woman, if you dare stop me again, see how I deal with you–“

The more Wang Aijuan spoke, the more agitated she became. Her hands moved forward, pushing the kang table towards Grandma Chen.

Unexpectedly, the strength she had used was so great that the kang table knocked the elderly Grandma Chen down directly. It happened that there was a needlework basket behind her with a pair of large scissors inside, so when she fell, her head fell on the scissors straight on.

Wang Aijuan was startled when saw this scene. She leaned forward to look, only to see blood gurgling as it flowed gradually out from Grandma Chen’s head.


She screamed, falling onto the kang in a daze.

The door of the room was suddenly pushed open from the outside and Su Ruan Ruan ran in, panting.

“Grandma, I’m back, I-“

Before Su Ruan Ruan could finish her sentence, she saw Grandma Chen lying in a pool of blood.

“Grandma, what’s wrong with you?”

She ran to the edge of the kang and noticed that Grandma Chen’s face was pale like snow, she was lying there but she could barely see the rise and fall of her chest.

A large expanse of crimson blood had flowed from the back of her head, soaking the clothes on her body and the sheets underneath.


Su Ruan Ruan felt as if she had been stabbed. Her pupils suddenly tightening, she moved her trembling hands subconsciously to feel the breath under Grandma Chen’s nose, but feeling nothing, her heart sank to the bottom.

She turned her head suddenly to look at Wang Aijuan, roaring, “What’s wrong with my grandmother? What did you do to her?!”

Wang Aijuan finally came back from her daze, but she couldn’t stop waving her hands: “I didn’t do anything, I just pushed the table a little bit, she fell, I had nothing to do with it! Yes…. it has nothing to do with me, she deserves it! Who told her not to allow you give me the place in university? She asked for it! Don’t try to accuse me!”

Wang Aijuan’s words were disorderly, but Su Ruan Ruan heard the crucial point.

She did all this, just for the place in university!

She stood up, banged open the door of the kang cabinet and took out the university notice that Wang Aijuan was longing for.

“You want this?”

The university notice!

Wang Aijuan’s eyes lit up.

Tra– la!

Su Ruan Ruan forcefully tore the notice into half, tore it into little bits, then grabbed a handful and stuffed it directly into her mouth.

“Want to go to university? Dream on! Don’t even think about it in this lifetime!”

Wang Aijuan’s eyes widened instantly, her expression turning from anticipation to fierceness, “Su Ruan Ruan! I’m going to kill you!”

When she saw Wang Aijuan running down from the kang, Su Ruan Ruan turned around and ran towards the door.

She couldn’t die now!

She wanted Wang Aijuan to get the punishment she deserved!

Su Ruan Ruan was running fast, hence she didn’t pay attention to the front, colliding head-on with a person.

Before she could look up to see who it was, she heard Wang Aijuan’s almost frantic shout, “Mother, stop her! That bitch ate my notice! Make her spit it out! Make her spit it out!”

*A picture of a kang

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